Behind the scenes - shooting waterfalls in the daylight

February 2017

#waterfalls #landscapephotography #filters

Usually the best time to shoot anything isn't the most preferable time in our day.
Waterfalls, if you are after the silken flowing look, are best shot later in the day, when you can easily keep the shutter open for longer, but these times are not the best for scrambling over rocks and running streams to get the shot.

We always see phone camera shots of waterfalls taken in the middle of the day with the waterfall itself super bright and overexposed.

I wondered up to this local one mid afternoon. A huge amount of rain for days prior meant it was pumping big time.

These shots were taken seconds apart, while I was waiting for a cloud to pass over.
1/5 sec f22 with a ND filter

1/8 sec f22 with ND filter
notice this shot is much better exposed as a cloud passed in front of the sun as I was shooting this one, so increased the shutter slightly but still slow enough to get blur on the water without blowing out the highlights and getting detail in the trees.

It was a day of constant changes in light with some small wispy clouds as well as some huge dark clouds rolling across the sky, so it was a matter of waiting for them to slow down shutter speeds as well as using the filter.

Same shot from further away incorporating person for scale

1/6 sec f22 ND filter

0.4 sec f22


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