What to wear to a family portrait session

June 2017

Well this would have to be my most frequently asked question when it comes to family portraits.

Remember back in the nineties when everyone was obsessed with the white shirt/blue jeans look? Well some still are, and I'm not a fan. WHEN do we EVER all wear the same clothes as a family? NEVER would be the answer. It is just unnatural for a family to wear the same.

Theres a few guidelines that you can choose to follow:

Studio sessions:
Light coloured clothes, whites, creams, pale blues, light grey, tan, think subdued colours as we are closer up in the studio and we don't want the clothes to overpower the faces.
Steer clear of stripes and busy patterns or logos, block colours are best.

Go with a style that suits your body figure and one that will not date e.g. button through shirts over pencil skirt or jeans, plain t-shirts, wider shoulder singlets are OK to hide bra straps, generally casual but not too scruffy. You must be comfortable. 

Outdoor sessions:
Places like beach sessions, as a family, I would suggest a range of clothes with a white/cream base teamed with 2 secondary colours that work together like blue/tan, grey/blue, olive/tan. 
Rainforest or creek settings is where warm colours look best, avoid white and green here, go for black or blue or grey base teamed with splashes or red or purples, orange, or even pink. If you do have a strong secondary colour make sure more than one person is wearing some of this colour, otherwise the one person in this colour will stand out too much. 

Definitely go a little more casual, as we don't get dressed up to go to the creek. An overdressed family portrait, posed in a creek, just looks too fake. So t-shirts, shorts or jeans. 

Family sessions should be natural looking without clothes competing for attention, the focus should be on our faces, and the family bond, rather than what we wear.



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