Beauty session - behind the scenes, processing and retouching

November 2016

A lot goes on in these sessions, the studio is a crazy mess, but it's sooo much fun, in fact my absolute favourite style of portraiture. I actually don't like to call it portraiture, as this word, to me, insinuates formality, posing and awkward photos.

Anyway...I call it beauty sessions and this one was for a bride to be.
What better way to get some great close ups and have a hair/makeup trial at the same time!
Its also a great present for that pesky hubby to be (sooo hard to buy for) and as you have much more time than the rushed 15 mins of close ups on your wedding day, you're much more relaxed and the images can be varied more.

And its fun!!

There's music happening, snacks, coffee, some even bring champas!

Props ready to use in the shoot, organised chaos!

Before the glam...already beautiful!

Having some fun with the veil, not used a lot in weddings anymore but fun to play with in the studio. Having something to hang onto or fiddle with makes a more relaxed pic. This is my fab hair/makeup lady getting some shots on her phone.

OK now for the magic...after the session....

I chose one image that portrayed a confident look.

Lightroom steps:

I use LR on beauty sessions mainly for colour balance, cropping,  & exposure adjustments. I cropped the bottom off this a little and added some exposure on the face, decreasing it on the bodice. The veil looked little greenish so desaturated the greens a little and reduced highlights a little. 

Photoshop Steps:

On new layers, removed any flyaway hair on face and top of head.
Pimples/pores cloned to smoothen out rough skin a little with clear skin. NO skin softening filters applied. Apart from the fact that I hate these filters, they just look so fake. Skin should sill look like skin.

 Eyebrows neatened with clone tool
Eyes whitened just a smidge
Area under eyes cleaned up (any wrinkles/bags, hardly any in this case, generally more for flakes of mascara)
Brow highlights added with dodge/burn tool
Touch ups on makeup e.g. eye liner, lipstick

Smoothen crease lines on neck and armpit area
Reduce more greenish tint to veil
Lighten shadows on face a touch.

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