Supermoon - behind the scenes

November 2016

#supermoon #nightphotography

Just a quickie BTS of shooting the moon.
Really it doesn't look that much bigger unless you shoot it just rising and have something in the foreground to compare it to.

As the moon is quite bright you need to expose for the brightness otherwise it looks like everyones iPhone shots, bright white and glowing.

When it first rises it is not as white and its great to get the eerie orange-red glow about it, so this is 1/6th sec ISO 320 f5.6

Normally you would shoot it at about 1/200th sec to get the detail in the moon, but I've done those shots before, and yawn.... it was nice to slow it down while it was low in the sky and get the surrounding clouds for that eeriness.....

Here's with a bit of foreground to see the scale of it
1/4 sec f6.3

1/5th sec f8 320 ISO
can't really go much slower than this as it is moving quite quickly but wanted the surrounding halo.
If you bump the ISO up too much when its this dark it can get too grainy.

1/13th sec f8 ISO 160 getting brighter as it gets higher.

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