Lifestyle Photography - what is it and why is it great for families

I LOVE  lifestyle shoots for young families and have started offering a product of short video clips blended with stills of your kids at home.
BECAUSE it is at home, they are comfortable. They know this place and are free to expose their unique personalities.
I spend some time getting to know them and for them to decide that I'm OK to be around. I open the curtains, flood the house with beautiful natural light, and off we go. It's all unplanned, just daily events that normally take place each day.

These events can involve mum and/or dad at times, just popping into the film here and there to give a helping hand where needed, or play or give a quick kiss. It all unfolds naturally which takes the pressure off mum and dad, and makes for a realistic and beautiful short film of how life is, something they can look back on in years to come.
I can also manage to snap some gorgeous candid shots of kids this way as they become oblivious to the camera after a bit.

The whole session can take 2-3 hours. I edit to keep just the highlights of the session, and integrate short bits of film with stills into a 5-6 minute story with licensed music. I keep some audio in parts, where I think warrants leaving it in, and then blend the music back in.

Heres a sample of one I did last month and some images from the shoot.

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